bitcoin farm gameToday the BTC is the most famous cryptocurrency. It is not surprising that every day a huge number of services arise, which serve different purposes associated with its use. Bitcoin Farm games are the most demanded now. But why did they appear and become so famous?

When the Bitcoin was gained a popularity and was known only to a narrow circle of cryptographers and programmers, it was tried to promote through different websites, where web users hungry for free money and bonuses were gathered. Some of these websites have become so-called “faucets” where everyone was able to earn a certain number of coins.

An advertising was as a continuous “sheet” on such resources and you get a few satoshi for spending your time and indirectly viewing banners. Of course, an income is low, but if you spend a lot of hours on a variety of faucets over the day, it was possible to collect thousands of satoshi, especially in the initial stages of the cryptocurrency widespread emergence.

Today’s free BTC websites continue their work, but they become much less interesting for advertisers. Consequently, less is of all kinds of banners on such websites than before, and you can earn much less coins than was possible before. In addition, faucets today do not “live” long in the Internet and repeatedly news arise that some portal has ceased to pay bitcoins.

best bitcoin farmEntertainments – Bitcoin farms have replaced conventional faucets. Surely many of you remember the browser (and not only) games, where you had to grow a variety of plants, sell crops, upgrade buildings, trade with neighbors, etc. To be sure, probably many still have these entertainments anywhere in the browser bookmarks or even in a phone to pass the time on a road or relax during a lunch break at the work.

So now, you can earn real cryptocoins in these games! However, it is a little money, but this fact is very pleased. There is already quite a large number of portals with bitcoin farms. Moreover, every day they are becoming more because people are happy to combine the pleasant with the useful.

bitcoin farmActually – you need to devote more time to your gardening. The longer you play the more satoshi you get. You need to find a website that will have your taste – today there are quite a lot of them. Please note that pretty often these games stop payments. So before you start, check to see whether the earnings are paid.

Next, you need to register online, create your farm, and start growing plants/vegetables/fruits. While you develop your virtual economy, coins begin to flow to your account. Over time, when you accumulated a certain amount of money, you can withdraw them to your bitcoin address. Caution! The ability to withdraw coins to a wallet is not always provided, many such entertainments simply are deprived of such feature, and earned coins can be spent only within a game for extra bonuses.

If you have found the “right” resource or chosen one from our list, it is sufficient to specify the number of your wallet and get the earned money. We are suggesting withdrawing often, as none of these sites does not guarantee a steady income and could crack down at any time.

They earn on advertising as ordinary faucets. Companies pay them to place their banners on the website, where thousands of people per day will see them. Of course, this resources need to be hyped and popular, and we recommend you to choose exactly such if you want long and steadily to get money from entertainments.