Dice Games with FaucetsSometimes when you find a good BTC casino, it’ll also come with a possibility to get some no deposit funds, which can be used to play on website. Why Do Bitcoin Dice Games Offer Faucets?

These types of promotions can be compared with poker freerolls or casino freespins. They’re a way to add a little bit of excitement to the website. You can get some free Satoshis and then use them to win more Satoshis if you’re lucky enough.

BTC dices offer a faucet for many of the same reasons that retailers offer free samples of something they want to sell. If you like it and have a little extra money in your wallet, you’ll probably buy some. It’s a way to keep you coming back for more every hour and day.

One thing you might notice with all usual faucets, is that they also have advertising. This isn’t necessarily prominent; just some banner ads on the top and side of the page. They make money based on the number of impressions and clicks they can get out of that advertising. So they give you the freebie and put the ads in front of you. Gambling clubs do not sell traffic to any third parties, they are always promoting themselves.

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PrimeDice Free 500 Satoshi
Dice FaucetsMost dice websites with faucets give you a chance to get a small amount of Bitcoin every hour if your balance is empty. Usually this isn’t much more than about 1500 Satoshis. Then you can use that BTC to place bets on the game in an attempt to grow that Bitcoin.

Of course, this will be a slow process that takes patience. If your goal is to win a big pot, then your best bet is to use some strategy, which will help you to gradually grow your balance.

It depends on the decisions made by the owner of the Bitcoin dice when he or she was designing it. For some websites, the faucet is independent of the game and will give you an automated payout when you reach a minimum amount. Others prefer that you use what you get to place bets with. This way you need to accumulate at least the minimum withdrawal amount to request a cashout. If you’re unsure about the policy of any particular house, the site will usually have a FAQ or an informational page about how the it works.

The thing to remember about Bitcoin dice games with faucets is that you’re basically getting free rolls in most cases. It’s a chance to win a little more BTC without having to place a bet out of your own wallet. However, it’s meant to be a little harmless fun and you don’t need to feel bad about betting something that you’re getting for free anyway.