Profitably Play the Bitcoin Dice?Why do we love gambling? Of course it is because we can win real money. The dice belong to such entertainment. The uncomplicated, simple game first gained popularity offline, and then passed to the computers, and gradually came to smartphones, and tablets.

Today you can play the dice game not only for real money, but for a virtual currency such as the bitcoin.

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bitcoin diceThere are many portals where you can play the Bitcoin dice, but most of them do not work with cubes. Instead of this attribute they use random numbers, for example, from 1 to 100. Further, participants should choose the figure that will be more or less the end result and they get a win, and the casino gets a percentage.

However, there is another, more realistic type: instead of get random numbers, players can throw the dices, as in a real casino. The number on which the bet will be made is based on the number that will be at once on two dices. That is, the maximum number could be 12 and the minimum is 2. At the same time, all the mechanics are not limited to the fact that you have a chance to correctly guess 1 out of 11.

In the dices the result can be totally unexpected, so they require a unique approach. There is a special option to check the results on many websites, so you can double-check the fairness of the casino.

dice_plus_bigMost casinos attract users with help of money prizes, which can make the game bitcoin dice profitable. So, every new user often gets a certain amount of millibitcoins to one’s account. For this amount you can make several bets, learn the mechanics, even try to earn. It’s just a little gift from the makers of the casino; it is paid automatically and does not require any additional actions.

Also, you can examine statistics of the bitcoin dice – the archive of your bets, their sum in general, results, the odds that were played out. Also often offer instant deposits and the possibility of withdrawal winnings to the Bitcoin wallet.

Some casinos create a full presence effect with a live dealer. Usually it is a beautiful, well dressed girl, like in a real casino. As in the offline casino you can change the dealer at any time, if you are not happy with something. In addition, you can communicate with the players or to talk to the dealer.

bitcoin dice advantagesPlay for bitcoin has great advantage among the other dice games – the anonymity. No one will know who you are, what prize you got, or how many you lose. You’re an absolute stranger at the table that makes the game more comfortable and interesting. The good service ensures a very quick withdrawal which takes just a few minutes. Although of course, the main goal of any resource is to keep the player and not let one to withdraw the winning.

Considering the question of is it profitable to play the bitcoin dice we give an affirmative answer. Of course, if you choose the right strategy you can get a win in these games. The main thing is to choose a good portal with real payouts. It’s checked pretty simple: if the service really pays money, it says about this on its website and allows you to view statistics of payments in online mode (without the full wallet address of the recipient, of course).

In addition, feedbacks about the service play a very important role. The Bitcoin community is very active and participants leave feedbacks on the forums about virtually every portal, where accept or pay the cryptocurrency. So if you doubt the honesty of the portal you can check the reviews of real players.