House edge in the Bitcoin Dice GameThe Bitcoin Dice game is becoming more popular with every day, and there are a lot of reasons of this. For example, an important advantage of this entertainment is the fact that when you play for BTC all your payments and winnings in the process remain completely anonymous and only yours.

You do not need to pay any taxes (as in the case of any online casino for the ordinary money), you are fully protected from the fraud, because no one will ever know how much money you won and how many put. In addition of this your bitcoin address does not carry any information except numbers. Therefore, it is basically impossible to determine who owns a particular wallet.

As for the dice game, its popularity is understandable to anyone. It has some of the simplest rules: you just need to guess what number is rolled on the dices (more often instead of them you can found a numeric scale, where you can choose the percentage and the win ratio). The whole task of this fun lies in that task.

But in fact, a real mathematician lies behind the apparent simplicity, but no blind case. Therefore, many people play dices not just for a fun, but in order to enrich themselves, and they use a variety of strategies that are really working, as they were built on mathematical algorithms.

But before you will go on the first available bitcoin resource and open the dice tab you should know criteria by which you can determine the ideal website for you.

First, you will put your BTC on an account of the online casino, which should be reliable, and it means that:

  • It must exist already for a long time.
  • It must have certificates of the auditing companies.
  • It must have reviews on the web, and it is just as well if there are not only positive but also negative.
  • It must have a transparent algorithm of withdrawal of the winnings from the website.
  • It must have a low house edge.
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what is house edgeThis is one of the main characteristics of any online casino, including those that work with BTC. By the value of this parameter you can determine how much money goes back to players as winnings, and how much remains inside virtual institution.

It is logical that the smaller the latter parameter, the greater the payout percentage and so clients can get more money. The average value of this indicator usually hovers around 2-5% on good Dice websites.

This percentage is calculated inside of a game resource. It’s actually very important information for understanding the profitability of the casino as well as for tax deductions, if the resource works not only with the Bitcoin and pays taxes in any country.

However, of course, the question remains, how we can trust the payments share that is specified by a resource, if any website can raise it to attract more customers. In fact, third-party organizations such as eCOGRA are involved for this to avoid any doubt in the accuracy of the calculations.

The audit company connects an additional server to the gambling website that reads all the information on the number of draws. It lasts for a long time, at least a month then the payout is calculated and recorded in a special certificate.

Amazing, but indeed there are cases where the casino does not take its stake and the payout percentage is more than 100. This means that the website operates at a loss for some time. Typically, such information is not concealed, but rather is presented as the integrity of the service and your ability to hit the jackpot on it.