bitcoin diceThe Dice Game is one of the simplest ones and at the same time in the most exciting ones. You need only luck and deftness for it to get chances for a victory. You can play even anonymously and in maximally comfortable conditions in this simple game thanks to miraculous cryptocurrencies now. The Bitcoin Dice became the pleasure, affordable to everyone!

Quite often here, the cubes are replaced by a set of numbers from 1 to 100. This is done to ensure that you can comfortably customize the game by yourself. If normal cube numbers range from 1 to 6, then the range of 100 numbers allows you to set the odds of winning up to 99%.

As the name implies, these resources typically offer only one game: throw of dice. Moreover, the method of financial payment is also accepted only one here, namely the Bitcoin.

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bitcoinsAll you need to do is configure your percentage of winning and bet. The higher you put the ratio, the less will be your gain. Conversely the more is your risk the greater the multiplier of your bet and a finite winning amount.

 What is it paying attention at the choice of a website to play on?

The design of a game
Usually all the websites for the cryptocurrency Dice game are made in the laconic design. Here you will not find colorful banners and annoying animations. The player sees only fields to select the probability of winning and the ratio, the Roll button and the statistic of spins. You will be easy to understand this design.
The speed of a deposit and withdrawal of money

The bitcoin allows make cash transaction almost instantly, so it is possible to add the crypto-currency for game on the website for a few seconds. The quite different situation can occur, when you order cash out. The payouts can be confirmed by the employees on some resources, so sometimes the process takes several hours.

Overall, up to four hours waiting is the norm among the websites of Bitcoin Dice. If you have to wait for your hard-earned money to the balance of your bitcoin wallet for about a day then this situation is unacceptable and you have to urgently change the place of the game.

A share of the payoff of a website
Learn what a percentage of all bets gets one or other the dice site. Usually this percent can be started at from 0,5 % and reach 3%. On average the interval 1-2 percent is normal on the market. But if the House edge of the establishment exceeds 3%, you should find another place, because it will be difficult to win here.
A maximum bet
If you intend to play the dice game based on a strategy then be sure to ask what the maximum bet is. Most strategies are based on the progressive increase of the bet in case of a negative outcome, so it is possible that will be quite difficult to apply the successful methods of winning if the limit is very low.
The safety and preservation of money
The most reliable Bitcoin Dice are represented in our rating. Playing on a resource from our list, you can be sure for 100% that you will get your benefit. All the websites are checked by time and thousands of players from different places of the world. We are not adding new and low-brow games into the rating. The safety of users of our website is priority number one!