Bitcoin Dice 0% house edgeWe all know that Bitcoin Dice games are very popular among the community, but just like any other business, competitors tend to compete for clients.

If you’ve been hanging around gambling websites for some time you’ve probably noticed that casinos tend to compete through promotions, lottery or giveaways, but there are also those that compete with an increased chance for players to win bets than other websites on the market.

We’ve been asked this question about low house edge and whether it’s a good or a bad thing, but we will get to that later.

Before we get into it, we must first have a look at the definition of it, what it is, why it is necessary and how it affects you as a player.

Simply put, house edge represents the percentage of chance that the casino has against the player. For you as a player, it is quite logical to desire for the club to have less of an advantage, because this means you will win your bets more often than not.

It can be represented in multitude of ways, if we take a look at the classic game of roulette, we can notice that the presence of the number zero combined with the payment odds for each and every bet defines how often the player can possibly win. Regardless of how many times you play, the club will always have an advantage with games like roulette, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible for a casino to host a game completely without house edge.

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Especially when it comes down to Bitcoin Dice games!

These games are unique and modern, providing cryptographic proof of legitimacy of each and every bet that has been made on the platform. Therefore they are called 100% provable games. What you can clearly notice is that many of these websites offer a method of modifying your chances at winning, at the expense of payment odds. This isn’t an effective method to eliminate the advantage a casino has, because of the modified odds that guarantee that the establishment will turn a profit in the long run.

In simple terms, the higher your chance to win a bet, that much lower your potential payout is going to be.

So following this, is there really a bitcoin dice that features 0% house edge?

The simple and true answer is that it doesn’t really matter. Gambling websites that are hosting games with equal chances, risk completely losing everything under the pressure of players making bets. If at one point there was a Dice site operating without an advantage, one of two things happened already.

They increased their advantage, and started acting like a usual casino with a business plan that’s going to guarantee profits, as long as players are playing.

Or two, they’ve lost all their money and stopped with their operations.

Sometimes, reputable gambling ventures have happy hours or special promotions where they lower the house edge to 0% for a short period of time, but usually that’s as much action as we’re going to get.

It’s a good thing for players when the club has got the advantage, because it provides them with profits that they will use to payout winning players. Imagine if you were risking a substantial amount of BTC to gamble at a Bitcoin Dice game and you’ve won a bet that the website has no funds to payout.

That would be a devastating situation for any player, especially as we tend to belong to the risk-taker type of personality. Taking risks is a part of life, as much as it’s a part of gambling, but both you and me know that we wouldn’t risk without a potentially valuable reward.

All in all, you should be looking for equal chance promotions with your favorite casinos, because they are beneficial to your chances of winning, but even if you manage to find a venture that features this unprofitable business model, it’s preferable if you don’t get too attached to it, as they might as well be broke already.

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