Bitcoin CasinosA lot of gambling websites are popping up everywhere and at this rate it will soon be difficult to distinguish legitimate from fake services. Worry not though, because we will create an easy and simple method of finding what Bitcoin casino is the best for you!

Does it support Bitcoin Deposits?
First things first. If you want to use your BTC to gamble, you need to find a casino that supports Bitcoin deposits. Not all of them do, but there are many available brand choices for players.

What games do you want to play?
Depending on your taste, you might want to play roulette, slots or maybe even poker. You need to check if the website you’re looking at is offering these games for play.
The best gaming club will offer all of the entertainments that you like, at the same place.

Provably Fair Technology
Bitcoin casinos have some unique selling points that traditional ventures cannot offer. There are some websites that offer BTC deposits, but do not offer additional features like provably fair technology based on the block-chain being the major ones.

Does the website offer great safety features?
In order to validate depositing with a casino, you need to be able to feel that both your money and account are completely safe. This means that your ideal gambling club offers Two Factor Authentication (2FA), which makes your account incredibly difficult to hack. In order for somebody to steal from you, they need to know your password and steal your smartphone.

This is a must have feature for any prospective service that you consider depositing with. I would never deposit any funds without having 2FA security activated.

What do other people say about it?
The casino has to enjoy a good reputation in order to be considered as a worthy investment. The reason for this is simple. Ventures that have stood the test of time and have hundreds of satisfied customers have proven themselves trust worthy.

People will not hesitate to say bad things about the service or a particular problem they’ve had with the website. If you see that they haven’t responded to a problem that’s been posted on reddit or any other social media, don’t deposit with them, because they’re not going to respond to your messages if you happen to have a problem as well.

Does it have promotions often?
One of the great benefits of living in this time is that businesses take competition seriously and one of the best ways that these establishments compete for customer attention is through promotions. 0% house edge Monday’s, First deposit bonuses, First monthly deposit bonuses, reward VIP clubs and others are just one of the ways these online Bitcoin casinos compete with each other.

You should be on the lookout for great deals wherever your research takes you.

How much is Return to Player?
Most BTC gambling websites offer a variety of games, from a hundred and up to a thousand different options for the players. Return to player or RTP is the amount of money that the website will pay back to the users base over time. You want this percentage to be as high as possible.

Does the venture offer Live Dealers?
This is a matter of taste, but if you’re traditionally inclined you will probably enjoy games dealt in real-time. The casino utilizes a digital interface, allowing you to place bets on the outcome of the particular game that you’re playing. The action plays out through live video in one of the studio locations around the world.

So what does the ideal BTC casino look like?
A lot of it depends on your particular taste of games that you’d like to gamble on, but some of the features are a must-have for online gambling services. Generally, you want it to have as many as possible different entertainments for offer, allowing players to mix and match to identify their flavor. Ideally you want a club that:

  • Features all the games that you want to play
  • Allows Bitcoin Deposits (duh!)
  • Unique Provably Fair verification
  • It allows 2FA security features
  • High activity on social media
  • Great customer reviews
  • 90%-95% Return to Player
  • Live Dealers availability

This casino will satisfy both your soul and heart, all while keeping your money safe and valuing you as the great customer that you are. It may have an edge on the tables, but when it comes down to customer support, they are more than happy to give back to the community, especially if they are an amazing service.

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