Bitcoin CrashThere is something magical about unexpected moments, that gives a sense of excitement in the minds of many. A certain money pot type of game simply dubbed “Crash”, has become increasingly popular amongst crypto currency users, and especially Bitcoin users.

In this article, we are going to focus on this amusement, how it’s played and why it’s so interesting! We will also delve a little bit into the open-source security protocols that exist to protect players from abuse, as well as some specific Crash strategies that you can take in this incredibly luck-based game.

How can there be strategy involved in a luck-based algorithm you ask? Read on and find out more!


The premise is extremely simple. A single number, expressing a multiplier will go up in value, until it randomly crashes, ending the round. The players that got out “on time” get paid depending on the value the multiplier had before they bailed out, but those that didn’t forfeit their potential winnings by staying too long. It can also happen that the game fails as soon as it starts, causing everyone to lose instantly, it could hypothetically go on forever, completely failing to crash.

This crashing of the value is calculated through an algorithm that begins working to increase the house edge from 0.1% all the way to 1%. While it may seem trivial, it is what helps Bitcoin Crash remain afloat and prosper.

With that being said, the game usually rewards the player that bailed out in the last moment with a significant bonus, that has been potentially piling up for the last couple of rounds.

Provably Fair Technology

Before we get into strategy, let’s talk about this technology and how it applies to the game. I’m pretty sure you are familiar with how it works for standard crypto-casinos. For this type of Bitcoin gambling, it works exactly how you would expect! There are no unwarranted surprises coming your way, as the results from each round are provably fair and completely randomized.

If you’re new to this technology, let me explain. Provably Fair, means that you can use a specific algorithm to recreate the outcome, thus proving that it was indeed randomized. The algorithm usually takes hashes from both the server and the client base and runs them through to reach a conclusion. Depending on your wager, this will determine whether you’ve won or lost the bet.

Bitcoin Crash Strategy

Bitcoin Crash StrategyPlaying a game like this has a lot to do with odds. Playing only by yourself, simply against the computer you have a 1% chance of busting instantly as the round starts. This can happen regardless of the number of players participating. There is simply no way around it.

Many forms of this game offer some kind of bonus, which is usually the house edge (1%) of the total amount wagered. This bonus is often given to the last man to bail out and get his prize. A common strategy that you will see players practicing is to wait until they are the last man standing before they give in and take their winnings. If you are the only aggressive player playing, this could turn out great for you, since you will be able to take the bonuses almost every round. But the reality is often different, as a lot of the players are very aggressive.

Your goal against a pack of aggressive players would be to give up a little bit early, and hope that they will bust, leaving you with the bonus in your account. This can be tricky to pull off, as there will still be people that are going to give up a lot earlier than you, and if you bust you give them the bonus, but if you give up your hand and take your winnings. Then you risk the game going on for much longer and somebody else is gunning for the top place.

All in all BTC Crash is a very exciting social experience that will keep you on your toes for hours. Cheering your good wins and cursing your bad ones, as you sometimes get greedy with a strong hand. Keep in mind the strategy I’ve set up above and you will have a much higher chance of getting those bonuses that will make you a winning Bitcoin player.