Bitcoin Dice GameNo matter for what reason you decided to try yourself in this exciting game: to have fun or to multiply your bitcoins. It is important that you do it correctly and most importantly with the understanding of what is happening.

Just we have created a small application instruction for you, which will explain in accessible language the principle of the Bitcoin Dice game. Here you will find simple but helpful tips that will be useful to both novice and experienced players. And of course we will advise the best sites that offer generous free bonuses, the reliability, and the honesty.

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bitcoinRules are very simple. On the playing field before each roll you can choose the probability of your victory. Usually this number can vary from 1% to 99%. The greater you set the probability of a successful roll the lower a rate of your bet. And Vice versa: the less the chances of winning you set, the bigger a win you will get. Don’t forget that if you lose you always lose the full amount of a bet.

Let’s look at a concrete example and consider two extremes. Suppose that we want to do the roll on 100 mBTC:

  • At the begin choosing a probability of success of 98%. Our balance will increase by just 1 mBTC if we win. A chance to win is a huge but gain on the balance will be minimal.
  • But if we make the choice the probability of winning of 1%, and we’re very, very lucky, we will immediately get 10 bitcoins on our account. The amount is incredible, and the chance to win is only 1 out of 100.

Almost all the Bitcoin Dice games are arranged on this principle. It found insignificant differences in the design, but the essence remains the same: the amount of the winning depends on the degree of risk.

  • Never play on big bets. Divide your bankroll into hundreds of parts and do a lot of paltry bets. Thus you do not risk losing all your money in one roll.
  • If the Bitcoin Dice Game provides the ability to automatically play, make sure you use it. This feature will save your time and significantly speed up the whole process.
  • The main is quit while one is ahead. If you feel that you have already won a lot, you should not grow excited. Close the browser and start all over again the next day. Do not yield to the passion!
  • Do not choose questionable websites! They can rob someone blind by rigging the results or even worse, do not pay the win to a purse.
  • Please note if a website offers no deposit bonus to start. Usually it is a good opportunity to increase capital without any investments.
  • Use working strategies for playing the Bitcoin Dice game for the win.