Bitcoin Dice Martingale MethodWhat’s the best way to win Bitcoin playing dice? As with anything else with BTC gambling, the important thing to remember is that the odds are against you even when the game is “provably fair”.

Most rolls are going to be losers. However, you can control your losses using some strategies in a wise manner.

With the Bitcoin Dice Martingale Method, you can start out making a small bet that won’t hurt very much if you lose. Maybe you’re just betting the minimum if the casino requires one. Then you double your wager every time you lose. Then you can get your money back when you win and start over with initial minimum stake.

Obviously, this method takes quite a bit of patience if you have a long losing streak, but if you can avoid getting frustrated, you’ll always have a shot at winning your previous losses for as long as you keep doubling your bet.

Martingale Method - Working or NotThe advantage here is that you can’t necessarily beat the odds, but each win will make up for all the previous losses if you are willing to double your bet each time. If you suceed on your first rule, you just doubled your initial wager. If you win on the tenth roll, you just won back all the Bitcoin you lost on previous rolls plus 1.

A player using the Martingale Method won’t care how much he loses as long as he ends it on a winning roll. Theoretically, a player can even make a profit indefinitely by using this strategy.

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As usual, it’s possible to get too wrapped up in the dice game because you’re certain that you’ll triumph this time. Remember, you’re doubling your bet every single time. A BTC dice is a lot like slots in that it doesn’t know whether it gave a player a win ten times in a row or hasn’t given out positive result in weeks. It resets itself after each roll.

Which means that, win or lose, you’ll have to know when to walk away from the game. You should decide at the start how much total Bitcoin you’re willing to lose and add exactly that amount of BTC to your account. When that’s gone, don’t add any more. Just walk away so you don’t take an even more serious financial hit trying to get it back. That way, even if you never hit that winning roll, you won’t lose more BTC than you can afford.

You’re using the strategy because the odds are against you in each casino. In any world championship that involves a game of chance, each professional player has developed a betting mechanism that accounts for the odds. They know they’ve got a shot at winning if they don’t lose all the money that they brought to the table to begin with in the first few rounds.

Some Bitcoin casinos make use of the “provably fair” model because they know that the odds are in their favor anyway. The Martingale strategy can smooth things out over the long run by giving you a chance to win back the BTC that you lost on previous throws.