Bitcoin Dice Referral ProgramsIf you’re a dedicated Cryptofan, how many times have you wished that there was a reliable way to make money from BTC gambling sites. Unlike the Martingale Method, which can help you win in the long run but requires you to put up your own money, a Bitcoin dice referral program is a way to win a cut of what other people bet. Most games offer a generous rewarding systems that can earn you a good amount of BTC if you use a good strategy for attracting new users.

There are two ways to earn with a BTC dice rewarding program: revenue share or a percentage of the house edge. The house edge works on the theory that the odds will always be in the favor of the house. Even when the game is “provably fair” and isn’t loaded in favor of the house, most rolls are going to be losers and you can earn a percentage of that. Revenue sharing simply means that you get a cut of what the house makes every time your users place a bet and make a roll.

One of the most popular ways to earn with a tracking link is to make a signature to use on popular Crypto-related forums. This is legit in a way that spamming is not because you can make relevant contributions to discussions while still promoting the Bitcoin dice game. Most signature campaigns will have strict rules about posting for exactly this reason. They want to make sure you’re making actual, intelligent posts that encourage views and lively discussions that get their signatures seen often.

dice referral earningsAnother way to earn is to put banner ads in the header or sidebar of your own website. If you have a blog that gets a significant amount of Bitcoin-related traffic, you can actually do well with this. Professional affiliate marketers call this “passive income” because your content can theoretically sit there and earn you an income forever once you’ve created and published it even if you’ve completely forgotten about both the website and the content.

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The one thing you shouldn’t do is annoy people by posting your links in irrelevant places or posting them too often. Likewise, you shouldn’t make any unreasonable claims about the odds of winning at dice. It’s perfectly legit to say that it’s provably fair (if it genuinely is) and mention betting strategies that lose money less quickly, but don’t pretend that the odds won’t always be against the player.

Not only will this fail to get you very many referrals, but it can also get you booted from the gambling website if the managers of the site notice that you are engaging in behavior that could give them a poor reputation. If in doubt, check the terms and conditions of the rewarding program before you start posting links in places that might not directly relate to Bitcoin.

Above all, remember that this work is supposed to be fun. It’s entertainment. If the promotion strategy you’re using feels like a chore, it’s probably not working all that well anyway. Sometimes all you need is a different approach that works without you having to put a ton of effort into it. However, games of chance are pretty popular right now and you can make some pretty good Bitcoin promoting them with a referral program.