Bitcoin Dice StrategyAll gamblers sooner or later are set by searching for the perfect scheme, which will allow them to win more often and will bring a stable income. But let’s be realistic and will not chase a free cheese which is in the known place.

There are many strategies of playing the bitcoin dice, most of which are invented by the players themselves. All these techniques are basically based on progressions, that is, every time you have to change your bet while losing and winning.

Some schemes work better, some worse. Due to specific circumstances the use of a strategy could actually lead to a great result, but one should always know when to stop. Greed has never brought any good.

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Martingale Bitcoin diceThe most famous technique of the online gambling is also known as the Martingale system. Quite often it is the cause of losing the whole bankroll. The concept is very simple – if a bet loses, then the next time it needs to be doubled. After winning you need to go back to the initial amount.

By increasing the bet you always pay back all of what is already lost. Plus, the initial bet will be your net winnings. This idea seems win-win. Really, what is the probability that you lose 10 times in a row?

However, the reason why martingale makes players bankrupt that the chance of loss each time will always be the same and previous draws have no influence on the next. Therefore, even if the coin toss 10 times in a row got heads, then you will get next time the same with a probability 50%. The bet amount is also growing exponentially, and you will have to risk hundreds of dollars to wagering the initial bet of 0.001 BTC.

Many who use the scheme of doubling the bet lose their heads and without any analysis of the situation lose out totally. It is possible to win in the bitcoin dice with this method only having studied all perspectives on a small distance.

Paroli Bitcoin diceAnother progression that is used in most dice games is the Paroli system. Its essence boils down to doubling after a win. Unlike Martingale in case of loss you must return to the initial bet. Also you should start all over again, if you had 3 consecutive winnings.

The Paroli method is great for those players who prefer small risks. However, no one is safe from the huge band bad luck, when no method can help to achieve the desired prize.

bitcoin gambling strategyThere are many other techniques that players like to use. One of them recommends you put entire your bankroll to win in 95% until the amount will not be doubled. After that you have to withdraw the money. However, this method is not insured against event, if the losing is happen.

On another system you can put a hundredth part of a bankroll 50 times on the chance of winning 1%. If there is a win, the earnings will be substantial. If you lose all 50 times then try to play on the remaining amount with a 50% chance to bring back the original bankroll.

Some players just make the same bets again and again until they don’t get the increase of the initial capital. For this, many gambling sites have settings of an automatic game.

Effective bitcoin dice strategyIt seems that all progressions are pretty convincing and promise “easy money” from the use for all new players. But you should always keep in the mind that all strategies have weaknesses. It is mathematically impossible to create a system that would work perfectly. Dice is a game of chance, which sometimes can be very surprising.

Before you start trying to win in the bitcoin dice and use any strategy, follow a few steps:

1. Examine the website that offers the game
What a margin has a website? What is the maximum profit here? What a percentage can be set for the bet?

2. Learn more about the probability theory
If you decide to start a serious game and has set a serious goal, then the approach should be appropriate. Learn the basics of the probability theory, to understand what to do and what not to do in the game.

3. Play for the long term
Do not try to change the laws of mathematics and win a big jackpot instantly. Remember, the faster you move, the bigger risks you take. Try to minimize your risks.