Bitcoin FaucetsThe Bitcoin (BTC) is a popular virtual currency or as it is more commonly called a cryptocurrency. The prefix “crypto” is associated with using of cryptographic methods to encryption to ensure the security of the whole system and anonymity of users.

A payment is made directly, without intermediaries in the system and both sides of the payment cannot be identified or traced.

In 2010 the first purchase was paid by bitcoins. Two pizzas were cost of 10,000 BTC for an American. It happened 2 years later after the publication by an author the information on a principle of the developed payment system and the protocol description.

To date, the BTC exchange rate reaches to 450 U.S. dollars per one unit of the digital currency and is a full member of some tradings on the financial markets.

Around the world online stores introduce the ability to pay for purchase with a cryptocurrency, and it increasingly meet eye that some bitcoin faucets are paying coins for free in year 2016.


Faucets That Are PayingYou should start from small. There are systems such as Bitcoin Faucets, which at one time were created for popularization of the cryptocurrency.

The mechanics was simple: after registration and entering of a Captcha the system was accrued to the user from one to a few hundred of the Satoshi. 1 of the Satoshi = 0.00000001 of the BTC.

Over time, the owners of Internet resources after a little reworking had adopted this technology to earn money.

The logic is simple: there is a website that hosts advertising. The same website works on the faucet principle.

The advertising brings income to the resource owner, and those who are viewing this ad.

Today, these BTC faucets give the cryptocurrency to the website visitors once in a certain period of time. The website gives an amount with a large variation, from 1 of the Satoshi at a time. If you’re lucky, you can get up to 1 BTC.

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the balance of the website, most often it is referred as “Faucet Balance”. Sometimes it can be empty.

Mechanics as you can get the free coins:

  1. Visit a special website.
  2. Enter the wallet address (usually there is a special field for that).
  3. Enter symbols from a Captcha.
  4. Voila, coins are flowing to the account.

By reason transfers of funds from faucets in small amounts payments are made via gateways of microtransaction servers. On websites that provide the microtransaction services, payments accumulate up to a certain amount, after which you can withdraw them directly to your BTC wallet.

Usually you must have a minimum of the 5000 Satoshi to withdraw funds from the website of the microtransaction server.

The withdrawal from microtransactions service to personal wallet is accomplished in period from one day up to one week.

It is important to remember that the microtransaction services take a fee for the withdrawal to a personal wallet. For example, on the microwallet website is much profitable to be patient and to accumulate the Satoshi as more as possible. The more amount of the Satoshi on your account of the Bitcoin microtransaction service the more money will fall on your personal wallet after withdrawal of these funds.

Faucets itself can be an alternative of microtransaction services for withdrawals, their funded system is integrated directly into the website for mining of free coins.

A personal account appears in the user’s profile after the registration, where the amount of the coins accumulates up to a certain value, after which you can withdraw them directly into a personal wallet.

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