Bitcoin PokerThe favorite game of many, and undeniably one of the most popular gambling experiences is poker. Some play it for fun, others make a professional career out of it. It is one of the rare casino games that has reached the status of a sport. Many professionals attend and compete at live tournaments all around the world, but this isn’t what we are here to talk about.

We are going to talk about Bitcoin Poker, the factors that help you make a quality decision when choosing a room and what to look out for, types of game available. Also, we are going to take a look at the difference between regular fiat rooms and BTC ones.

Poker is one of the rare gambling games where skill is involved and there is a lot of room for both improvisation and concrete strategy. It appeals to the masses, simply because it can successfully address the needs of many. If you want to risk, you can play loose and if you want to stay on the safe side, you can play tight. It’s up to you to make the assessment of how loose or tight your opponents are and to adjust accordingly.

When making a casino decision there are a couple of things you need to consider. Naturally, you should check if the platform features Bitcoin freeroll poker tournaments because these are a great way to earn something extra. If they offer freerolls, check how often and if the prizes are worth your time.

Another thing to consider is the player base. It’s much better if there are a lot of people playing at any given time. Compared to the well established fiat-based platforms, where you can easily find at least 50.000 people playing at any time. Bitcoin Poker rooms aren’t that popular yet, but finding a casino that has about 300-500 people playing with BTC is more than enough to guarantee action at any time.

The house makes money from something called rake and from tournament entries. Rake is a fixed percentage that the room removes from the pot of cash games and depending on the casino this percent varies. Taking the time to check what kind of policy the club has about rake is very important, as it will insure that you understand the costs of playing a hand. Every time you enter a tournament, you also pay a small fee for the room. This fee is displayed within the buy-in price for the tournament.

While there are many different types, two of them are regularly played on platforms where poker is available. These games are called Texas Hold`em and Omaha. They are the most popular types and have significantly different rules from one another. Make sure to check the rules of each game before playing, as this will save you from unnecessary losses.

Both of these have cash game and tournament style varieties. Cash tables feature chips with equal money value, which means that one chip is equal to whatever it’s worth is. Tournaments, on the other hand, feature entry fees and every player receives an equal amount of chips for play. Winning a hand in a cash game means you’ve earned money. The only way you can earn money in a tournament is by outlasting your opponents and finishing in the top spots.

btc pokerIf you’ve had the pleasure of investing some of your money into fiat-based room providers, you have noticed that their deposit limits are as low as $10, while the minimum withdraw limits are usually 10x of the minimum deposit. Depending on your bankroll and budget, this might present as a challenge for your bank. Bitcoin Poker features a lot more flexibility around these issues.

Unlike fiat, making a deposit with Bitcoin takes a short amount of time and costs pennies. This enables casinos to lower their barriers for entry and exit from the system. As an additional benefit to this, BTC protects your identity while playing and also hides you from the system. Taxes for gambling are usually very high, and when combined with the rake from the casino it proves difficult to turn around with a profit.

With Bitcoin your identity is safeguarded by the cryptographic methods that keep the currency alive, so you can play BTC poker at ease!

Tight is right! Good luck out there and enjoy your time at the tables!