Bitcoin Roll DiceYou are probably familiar with the dices: it is special cubes with numbers on each face. Each cube has 6 faces and therefore they are adorned with numbers from 1 to 6. These accessories were used at different time for many amusements: collect combinations from them or just compete who will throw the maximum amount.

Nowadays it’s all such entertainments had migrated to the Internet. And with the appearance and development of cryptocurrencies, you can not only enjoy the game, but to try to capitalize on this!

Bitcoin Roll Dice game sites will almost certainly be different from what you are imagined. Most often you don’t have to roll the dice here: they are replaced by numbers, usually from 1 to 100. You also don’t need to gather any tricky combinations, because the rules are very simple.

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Roll Dice GameSelect the number that will be used to determine the outcome of the next draw. For example, we have selected 20. Now we have to designate the amount we want to bet. If the amount is selected, you only have to bet on one of two outcomes:

1. More: a random number from 1 to 100, which will be selected by the game, will be greater than ours. If you remember, we chose 20, and that means we have 80% chance of winning.
2. Less: a random number will be less than ours, which means that the chance of winning is 19%.

How does calculate the final prize?

It will depend on the degree of a risk that you decided to choose for the next round. The bigger the risk, the higher the ratio that multiplied by the bet to calculate the final payout. This system also works in reverse: the less the risk of loss, the lower your profit in a case of success.

Each round you can make all settings again, select another amount, designate a new number, as well as to determine the greater or lesser digit will bring you a victory. If it seems that the Bitcoin Roll Dice game is too complicated, do not worry. Almost always you can totally free to try the whole process in a practice. Moreover, some websites offer a free starting bonus that will make your start even easier.

dice_01As you can see, the rules are very simple, and there is virtually no difference between websites that offer this game on a cryptocurrency. Somewhere you will be offered more customization options, you can run the cubes and adjust the amount of a bet in the automatic mode, but the principle remains the same: if you want to win a lot at a time – you will have to take more risks.

What is especially important to consider when choosing? The most important thing is to make sure that the numbers really drop out randomly. So the integrity of the game will depend on this and hence your chances of winning. Most Bitcoin Dice websites work with the use of the Provably Fair game technology. It means that the number is generated without any dependency on your settings. If this technology is used, you can be calm for the result and to get maximum pleasure from the process.