When discussing Bitcoin with curious newcomers, one common question is some variation of, “Yeah, but can I buy coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts with it?” People want to know if it can be used in their everyday lives. Actually, you can use cryptomoney to buy gift cards and then use the gift cards to pay for your breakfast. This is one example of the ways that Bitcoin services are becoming more prevalent in everyday life.


One thing that’s especially popular with BTC users is the online casino. While online gambling is a legal gray area in many nations, many cryptocurrency insiders know somebody who has rolled the dice a few times if they haven’t spent time at an online casino themselves. At Bitcoin gambling sites, you can do just about everything from play a few hands of poker to place a bet on a sporting event.


Cloud Mining
The Bitcoin network is powered by processors. You can get in on this by renting some processing power on the cloud in the hope of gaining some rewards. Again, you want to be careful because there have been scams in the cloud mining niche. If you can find a reputable cloud mining company and join a mining pool, though, you can earn a share of what the mining pool makes by contributing processing power to the BTC network.


Online Shops
There are many online shops that accept cryptocurrency payments and many of them accept more than just Bitcoin. Some venues make it easy to earn coins on the “gig economy.” Others enable the use of digital money to make purchases at popular online and offline vendors that don’t directly accept Bitcoin yet. (Yes, you can really buy an e-gift card for Dunkin’ Donuts with BTC.) You can use it to buy televisions, replacement parts for a computer, books, clothing and music. If you’re looking for anything specific, you can easily search Google or DuckDuckGo for “list of ecommerce sites that accept Bitcoin.”


Hosting Companies
Have you thought of getting in on the cryptocurrency market by starting your own online business that accepts altcoins of your choice? If you can think of it, you can probably buy it with Bitcoin if you know where to look, but you may also have noticed some gaps in the crypto ecosystem that you could probably fill. There are actually several hosting companies that accept BTC, so if you already have some, it’s not hard to launch your own website.


Investing is still a major use of cryptocurrency, so you’ll definitely want to get on one that is (preferably) legal in your country. Just don’t use exchanges or any third party service to store your coins, though, because there have been many cases of money being stolen by hackers. Exchanges are usually good for buying BTC if you want, but if you are considering selling your coins for cash and aren’t coming up short when paying your bills this month, you might consider spending it at one of the online shops instead.


So it’s easier than you think to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies a practical part of your everyday world. If people ask how it works, they may simply be asking how user-friendly it is and if they can use it to buy their morning coffee with. This is something you can use to make the adoption of cryptocurrencies more common.

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