BTC Dice GamblingWhen you dive into the world of cryptocurrency, you’ll inevitably come across advertisements for BTC dice gambling. Really the only thing that makes it different from other online casinos is the acceptance of Bitcoin.

In some cases, the use of BTC even makes it easier for some gaming companies to skate around government regulation, depending on whether the government classifies coins as currency, an asset, or as something to be ignored. Of course, you shouldn’t count on this being the case. If you are considering using your Bitcoin to play an online game, just remember this advice.

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Bitcoin dice gambling is entertainment.
It should be considered roughly the same as paying for other forms of entertainment. Most people wouldn’t even bother with casinos if they didn’t like the thrill that comes with winning a big pot. It’s about the fun of knowing that you could win the next roll.

It can get quite addictive when you keep thinking that you could win the next roll, so a good thing to do is set a hard budget for yourself, stick to it and walk away when you’ve maxed out your budget even if you’re “feeling good” about that next roll. That “feeling good” rush you get could simply be the rush of excitement that comes with gaming.


Pay attention to the rules.
It should be about the same for most websites. However, most venues require a minimum bet or may have “terms and conditions” that you should pay attention to before you start playing. This should help you avoid any “gotchas” that might be hidden in the house rules.

BTC GamblingChoose your BTC dice gambling venue wisely. If the casino offers a bonus, pay attention to the games that are eligible for the bonus because a chosen fun might not be one of them. Pay attention to what other players say about a particular venue. If you can’t find any useful information outside of the Bitcoin casino, outside of the official website, it may not have been around long enough to build a reputation and should be avoided as a possible fly-by-night venue.


Use the Martingale method.
This is the method in which you double your bet after each losing toss until you win. Of course, the reasonable thing is to set a firm limit on how high you want to go with each bet, but the Martingale method is a way to compensate for the fact that the odds will be against you with each roll.

The most important thing to remember about BTC dice games is that they’re supposed to be fun. Most people who get frustrated when playing are usually losing Bitcoin they can’t afford to lose. A truly fun website could be used to fritter away half an hour when you’re just plain bored, and of course it’s thrilling when you can use the Martingale method to win your money back after you’ve lost the past dozen rolls. So choose your game wisely, relax a bit and try to stick to your daily budget as much as possible.