Crypto Dice SitesBecause Bitcoin gambling have grown in so much popularity most of the gaming providers have extended capabilities to provide you with a gaming experience with cryptocurrency. Read this article to learn more about which altcoins you can utilize to play Dice games.

These are cryptographically provable gambling experiences, which offer players highly customizable options when deciding the win conditions for themselves. Here you decide how much your payout is relative to your winning chances. It is enough to put every skeptic on ease about the validity of game results.

As a side note, make no compromise about the ability to prove and recreate results as this is the only way that you can trust the game provider to be legitimate and offer authentic action. In the case of an unclear method of proving the roll results, we strongly suggest for you to consider finding a different website.

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How to Play Dice with Altcoins?There are a lot of Altcoins that you can use for Dice games. Take a look below for brief overviews of these coins and how you can use them to play.


The second best crypto currency on the markets today. Ethereum is considered to be a platform for creating smart contracts, which are blockchain based apps that operate under a set of pre-programmed rules. Beyond using it for creating new platforms, one could use Ethereum to fund their Dice gaming experiences!


Initially created as a joke, Dogecoin pushed though and established itself as a reputable crypto currency that found its use to finance online content creators. The main use of this coin is to “tip” others on the internet, as a way to show support for whatever it is they are doing. Another great use for this coin is to play different games with it!


Privacy first Dash is a coin that tries to overcome the public blockchain problem that some people encounter with Bitcoin. Dash is utilizing a private blockchain to do this, which hides the transaction data associated with the network. Beyond using it for various online shops and web services, you can use Dash as a coin to finance your gambling.


It came around soon after Bitcoin, and it was the second most accepted crypto money on the markets. It’s still going strong on the market leader boards, where you can usually find it on the top 10 places in the chart. Depositing with your Dice provider with this currency is almost zero cost for you to enjoy a profit from the rolls.


Claiming to be the most secure crypto currency on the markets today, with complete ambiguity as to where and which coins are used, Monero is the go-to money for people that care about their financial privacy. It can be utilized for many things, mainly for facilitating trade, but also for gaming. The most popular game played with Monero is… Yes, you guessed it, Dice games!


Decentralized and global digital asset GridCoin is a blockchain protocol that establishes an algorithm that correctly rewards computer processing results through the blockchain. It is used to connect computers that are running simulations for scientific discovery and rewards them based a mechanism called Distributed Proof of Research. Beyond science, this coin is often used to finance gambling.


This crypto currency is unique in that it brings a new feature to the digital money ecosystem. Proof of Stake, together with its own unique process of “Mining” is one of the ways that the Peercoin is self sufficient when it comes down to security. In its essence, this process further establishes the ownership of coins in users accounts and rewards them 1% annually for doing so. It is a energy-light process, unlike mining. There is a well-established community which often talks about using Peercoin to gamble with.


To play Dice games with Altcoins is not very different than playing with Bitcoin. You need a specific wallet for the currency and you need some coins. Once you find a website that accepts the altcoin you’re looking for you are set! Simply deposit your coins and roll for the profit!

Good luck out there!