Crypto-Games Review Their story begins in 2014 when they started their casino, initially offering only slots. They experienced rapid growth, which enabled them to increase the number of games! Right now there are six games available, Dice, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and Lotto. All of these are utilizing the latest cryptographic provably fair technology, which enables you the players to feel safe and secure while playing on this website.

Deposit Options

There is also a wide availability of deposit options. supports eight different (and popular) crypto currencies. Depending on your currency of choice, you can make the proper selection when you visit this casino, as the full list of available deposit options can be found on the home page.

Design Features

This casino makes it really simple to navigate through the user interface and to reach all of the available features. We will talk more about these in just a minute. The design is simple and intuitive, using the black and gray for the background with a yellow outline for the buttons and important text.  While completely playable on a mobile device, this website is not completely optimized for small screens. Usually, you will need to scroll around a bit, but due to the elegant nature of the design, this proves to be a minor issue.


Just like we mentioned, there are a lot of features available on this website. One of the basic ones, the community chat is available, together with rain bots that enable players to share their wealth across the platform. The casino also rewards you for chatting with other players, with an increase of your rank in the loyalty system.

Reward System

Speaking of which, this system rewards players for five different actions throughout their stay at Crypto Games. These actions start with the amount of wagers, investments and commissions (measured in BTC), continue on to the number of messages that you’ve left in chat, and it ends with the age of your account with the casino. There are specific milestones which if achieved, will grant you extra faucet power, and make the faucet available more often.

Security Options

Worry not, your account with Crypto Games will always be secure. They have worked hard to make sure that you can always get your BTC back from your account, regardless of what happens. Most of the BTC is stored in a cold wallet, and there are two main ways that you can use to protect your account beyond a simple password. The first one is Two-Factor Authentication, which enables you to pair a cryptographic key with your account.

This pairing is usually done through an app called Google Authenticator. The second way that you can protect your account is through the use of an emergency address, which can act as a fail-safe in case you lose your device. Actually, even if you don’t use this option, the site tracks your last used withdraw address and in the case of an emergency, after contacting the support team they promptly send all of your BTC to this address.

Support Quality

There is always somebody available to help you out in chat, with moderators more than happy to help you out. Additionally, the team behind Crypto Games is available through e-mail and these are the guys that you need to reach out to in case of a real emergency (like the one pictured above). The main support e-mail is We tested this address and received a reply in about 10 minutes.

Investment Opportunity

As you can see we mention investments above, which are available with this service. In other words, you can participate in the bankroll of the casino and share in the risk and reward of running a gaming platform. The whole process is automatically measured, so you don’t have to actually run the business, they take care of everything. You effectively have other people betting against you in a game where you have a small edge. If you’ve ever fantasized about having a casino of your own, this is one simple and effective way to make your dreams come true.

Investment Opportunity

Provably Fair Technology

This service offers you the safety and security of placing bets in a fair and honest environment. No hidden tricks or attempts to maliciously take your money will be made here. There is a rock-solid framework in place to ensure that each and every outcome is completely randomized. Additionally, the method for checking this fairness can be found in this website’s FAQ section, where it’s carefully detailed and written in a way that a complete beginner of cryptography can understand.

Affiliate System

If you are a marketing person, you are able to take advantage of the affiliate opportunity available at Crypto Games. Since the profitability of a gaming venture is calculated long term and is house edge dependent, this platform offer 25% of the house edge on any bets that people invited by you make.

Withdrawing Funds

This casino offers three options for withdrawing your BTC from the account back to your personal wallet. Each of these options influences how soon you will receive your BTC, due to the nature of the network. The first option is to go free, but of course, this means that the transfer will be slow, and at mercy of the network. The second option is normal, followed by fast. These two options cost  0.0011 BTC, and 0.0022 BTC. The choice of option is yours to make, depending on your budget and needs.


Crypto Games is a great place to make some dice bets and enjoy chatting with a positive community. There is a loyalty scheme in place to reward you for coming back to the casino, and this should prove beneficial in the long run. Regardless of whether you are using Bitcoin, or any of the other crypto currencies that are supported, you can take advantage of the faucet system to test out the casino. Now it’s up to you to take the second step and sign up with this service using the button below.