DogeСoin DiceMaybe it all started as a joke, but everybody takes it seriously right now. DogeCoin the meme-tastic crypto currency has been making the Dice game highly available for every content creator on the internet. While it’s certainly not Bitcoin, it still is able to produce a high pitched WOW, much dogecoin, reaction from anybody who cares at least a little bit about memes. Combine this crypto currency with the super popular Dice game and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. This article talks about what happens when you combine those, and what you can expect from this game as a player.

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The Currency

Clearly recognized by the Shiba Inus, the world renown Doge meme as it’s symbol, DogeCoin was introduced to the ecosystem late 2013 reaching about $22 million USD in market capitalization across 10 billion coins. Mostly used for “tipping” content creators across internet media outlets, such as blogs, social media and various different “public good” services. The community has actually crowdfunded the delivery of an actual gold coin representing DogeCoin to the moon. This coin is expected to reach the surface of the Moon sometime during 2017. A truly interesting community surrounds this crypto currency and this previous statement clearly shows this.

The Game

Gamble with DOGEDogeCoin has been used to play Crypto Dice for some time now. With the rise of value and popularity of this currency, casinos all around the internet have started accepting it. This is fantastic news as this provably fair game suddenly became available for millions of people using altcoins.

The game itself doesn’t differentiate across different currencies, but rather across providers. Every crypto casino out there has its own slightly unique form of this entertainment. Finding a DogeCoin Dice game used to be a challenge in the past, but this has changed today, when these websites are readily available.

The game is played by placing a bet on the outcome of a proverbial roll, with the result of the roll deciding whether the bet is a winner or a loser. There is a lot of customization available for these kinds of services, that enable you to set the winning conditions for each and every roll. This feature can allow you the freedom to choose your particular risk, making it possible to change the chance of winning at the cost of the payout ratio.


Playing the game is easy and intuitive and we’ve gathered all of the necessary information on our website. DogeCoin has stood the test of time and as a result, a lot of people, merchants and casinos have begun accepting payments and deposits with in this currency. They also have quite an interesting relationship. Artists, writers, video makers are all attracted to Doge. Across the world artists are seen as the rebels that challenge the status quo. Crypto Dice games is the rebel child of the Blockchain Technology.

Rebels want to have fun and what better way to gamble than with DogeCoin?