Ethereum DiceDice games have been around for as long as crypto currency had any value, which isn’t a very long time. But they’ve been getting a lot of attention from the masses and for a good reason! They are extremely fun and engaging to play. This article is about playing Dice games with Ethereum and here you can expect to learn more about both the currency and the game.

They both have unique elements that set them apart from their counterparts on the market. Mixing them together might be the next best thing since poker tournaments got really popular on mainstream media.

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The Currency

Ethereum is widely known as the second best crypto currency on the market, but it’s a rarely recognized fact that this is only one half of what ETH really is. Beyond the crypto tokens, Ethereum is also a platform for building programmable applications that run 24/7, completely eliminating the possibility for downtime.

Its story started in mid-2014 through a crowd funding round where they raised approximately $18.5 million USD over the course of 42 days. This alone places it in the top 10 crowd funded projects of all time. Today, Ethereum is used in a variety of different projects, most notably The DAO.

The Dice Game

This blockchain-based betting game is widely known across the crypto currency ecosystem, bringing to the market unique capabilities, which for the first time are keeping casino operators honest and transparent. Previously there was no possibility of receiving relevant proof of fair-play. Today, through the use of Provably-Fair technology, all players playing Ethereum Dice games can check their outcomes against a predetermined algorithm, that results are based on.

Essentially the betting operator generates seeds, and after hashing these seeds together ends up with a large string of characters. The number of character depends on the hashing algorithm that the provider chooses. Usually, this hash is put through a hexadecimal converter and transformed into a decimal number which is the result from the roll.

Not every provider uses this procedure to generate game results. Make sure that the game provider has the checking procedure clearly explained on the website where the game is offered.


Ethereum Dice is a game that is very popular and easy to play. Depending on the provider, you have a limited ability to manipulate odds and payouts. Experimentation is a big part of this entertainment and can yield many hours of fun for gamblers all around the world. Dice with ETH has been around for a while and if you haven’t tried it out, you absolutely have to. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a very important offer that the Ethereum ecosystem has to offer you.

Test out your luck!