Bitcoin Dice BotsFirst of all, the gambling should give a pleasure. We play to unwind, entertain and, if lucky, earn extra money. Bitcoin bots (abbreviation of “robot”) is software that uses a specific algorithm to increase your winnings. This algorithm is based on existing basic winning strategies.

One of the easiest games is, of course, the dice. It is based on the ordinary probability theory, so it has working winning strategies. You can win quite a large amount playing the online dice, if you follow a certain strategy. Here cryptocurrencies come to the fore. Why? There are many reasons.

The anonymity.

Agree when you win a fairly large sum in an online casino, you do not want to everyone know about it. If you play for real money, then at least the banking institution will be aware of your win when you will withdraw it. Moreover, some banks don’t want to mess with withdrawal payments from gambling websites.

Because of this, your hard-earned money just stuck inside the payment system and can not be returned to the casino or withdrawn to a card account. Actually it has a lot of such situations. The Bitcoin is an absolutely liquid, you can withdraw money to the account, and you have not to give a report to banks or state bodies.

In addition, winnings in the bitcoin are not taxed – you get exactly the amount you won and not a Satoshi less. Besides, nobody knows what you hide behind a player X who just hit a jackpot.

The security and decentralization.

Only you have access to your coins, and all transactions are carried out using the latest encryption algorithms. Thus, you provide the self protection from hackers. The Bitcoin has no central governing body, so no one can suddenly freeze your account for a violation or out of ignorance.

The increase in the cost.

The past few months, the Bitcoin is growing steadily every day, albeit for a little bit. Therefore, you can succeed twice more and earn on changing the rate by winning some BTC and holding them on your account. In addition, you can use bots to make money with the Bitcoin dice.

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how Bitcoin Dice Bots work?A bot for playing the bitcoin dice is a script that has a certain strategy of winning (now created about 6 major and there are many variations). You just need to run the script on the website which gives access to the API for users in order to earn with it.

You can also set the maximum rate that can be set by a bot or the amount of funds on the account, after which the work stops. After making these simple settings, you can go about your business, and the program begins to work and earn bitcoins for you.

Of course, the meaning of the dice as a simply fun is lost when you use a bot. But if the income is primary for you but not an entertainment, then the use of scripts can be quite a real source of an income.

Even a schoolboy can in principle cope with the setup. However, sometimes gambling websites notice the use of scripts and block them. But nevertheless, no one bothers you to register under a new name and connect a bot again!