Earn on Your Own Bitcoin FaucetFaucets have become one of the most effective tools in conditions of the increasing popularization of Bitcoins. It is any website that hands out coins to its visitors and survives through advertising.

If you want to run your bitcoin faucet, you should start to find out for yourself a lot of things. First – this is not a business model that will instantly lead you to a fabulous wealth.

You will have to spend a lot of days to bring the system into perfect condition, and that’s not counting the fact that at the beginning you need to invest a considerable amount of your own money. In addition, you need to constantly follow the work of the portal and to respond quickly to any problems.


First, we need to examine the most common misconceptions about this type of earnings to understand, how much can you earn on a bitcoin faucet.

bitcoin faucetMyth 1. It’s a million-dollar income.
This is a very big misleading. Many people believe that if you make space for advertising, the cost of creating a faucet and paid out the BTC will come back in triple size. But in fact, advertising actually does not lead to profit, as the visitors rarely click on it. Those who come to use the service for the coins distribution don’t click on advertising, but rather try to close it or simply do not notice.

Myth 2. These websites have a huge traffic.
There are even those who have tried to use such resources to increase the number of visits of news websites. While this idea certainly has a right to exist and really can bring the people, but it did not give the conversion. This traffic is motivated only to get a freebie and nothing more. Sometimes, of course, it really allows to successfully redirecting traffic to your other websites or services if you have pre-conceived plan, but as a rule, everything ends in failure.

Myth 3. You can pay out a small amount of money.
If you pay not enough money, you will have not the visitors. Some portals have tried to change the whole system. For example, instead of hourly fixed payments per view, they tried to transform payments into coupons for which you can play on the gambling websites of very questionable quality. That is, people actually do not get the currency. But this is ideally for resources with a high traffic to balance incomes and transfers.

Myth 4. You need to hand out payments manually.
Of course, there are people who want to get money in manual format. But most visitors are quite happy with automatic transfers when you have not to need to monitor the system round the clock. You are free to choose the format.

Myth 5. It will be very easy to promote a service.
In truth, there are lots of such websites, and if you want to attract visitors to your website you need to give them something amazing. If you propose some very unusual conditions, then you may be lucky: the people themselves will distribute the information via word of mouth. In the absence of chips your website becomes to the line with other inconspicuous faucets. In this case you have to stand out at the expense of investments, and the advertising will be costly for you.

So how much money can you earn? It all depends on the factors listed above and the number of visitors of your resource. There are portals, which earn about 4 of the BTC per day, but there are those whose earnings do not rise above a few Satoshi.

Thus, your earnings depend entirely on how you are organizing a work of the website, how you will make payouts, how many people will come to your faucet. Of course, you should not expect big profits initially, moreover – in the beginning you almost certainly will work in a minus. But if competently to organize the resource and do not chase for a big profit at the start, then you certainly will succeed!

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