Choose Bitcoin Dice WebsiteWith Bitcoin gaining popularity, and gambling popping up everywhere, it can be quite confusing to decide how to choose Bitcoin dice website. In this article, I will be highlighting some general points you should consider when choosing a place to play.


Overall Look

We want to choose a club which has a nice looking design. Also, everything should be easy to access. No one likes plain old drab pages, so don’t join a club without making sure you like the overall feel of it!


While there are many legit dice sites out there, there are a few scams. Before you deposit ANY money, make sure it has a good reputation for paying out withdrawals. You don’t want to win big only to find out that were scammed and can’t withdraw earnings! That’s why it might be a nice idea to choose a bitcoin dice website from our top list.


We all like bonuses don’t we? With the fierce competition between different gambling houses, many dice games are offering bonuses for new players. These rewards are usually deposit offers that are slowly unlocked over time. Make sure to choose a site with a worthy bonus, but always remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Speed

When we deposit and withdraw cruptocurrency, we generally want fast withdrawal and deposit speed. Some gambling clubs can take FOREVER to process withdrawals so try to test out that the website you pick has a fast withdrawal speed.

House Edge

The way these games make money is by taking what is called a ‘house edge’. They tilt the odds slightly in their favor so they make money in the long run. The club you choose should have a low house edge. For example, some sites take a massive 2.5% house edge! That doesn’t sound that big until you consider that many others only take a .5% edge! Always try to find out what’s the margin before making final choice.


When we are playing online, we will eventually run into a problem. These problems can range from slow withdrawals to deposits not processing to a bug in the system. When these inevitable problems arrive (no one’s perfect!), we need a skilled support staff to help get through them. Some good sites have live chat admins to help you with any problems while others only have a support email. Find out how professional a support staff is before you choose bitcoin dice game. It will be a disappointment to find out that support staff sucks when an actual problem appear!


While the points I just made are useful to keep in mind, in the end the casino choice is based off of personal preference. I recommend to open a few sites from our list, run them through the points I made in the article, and make your final decision.