LiteCoin Dice GamesDice games today are a very popular venture for many people. They use it to blow off steam after a difficult day at work or to spend some time during the day when things are slow. Litecoin is one of the strongest crypto currency on the market, easily getting ranked in the top 10 when looking at market capitalization. With dice being one of the most popular gambling options in the crypto ecosystem, these two make a really good pair. Read this article to learn more about Litecoin, the dice game and how they work together.

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The Currency

Litecoin was introduced to the ecosystem in late 2011. It features most of the same technical capabilities as Bitcoin, but also some key differences. The cryptographic algorithm that is used by LTC is called Scrypt, which is a memory intensive procedure. This algorithm was chosen to give way for CPU miners to continue doing work, instead of GPU’s, FPGA’s or ASIC’s. Another key difference is the mining time of a block for Litecoin, which is mined in 2.5 minutes. As a result, the total token collection of LTC will be 84 million, or four times as much than Bitcoin.

The Game

How to play with LTCThe Dice game was the number one reason for the high increase in Bitcoin Transactions when it begun but today it also promotes a lot of Litecoin transactions. Casinos offering this entertainment gladly accept LTC as a deposit method, because of its great reputation. The game itself is very popular, but in case you haven’t had the chance to experience it, we will describe it in easy to understand terms.

The premise is that you make wagers on whether a cryptographic dice roll will be over or under a specific number. As a player, you have a choice to set this number, but this will incur changes on the payout ratios of either choice. After selecting your wager you need to make another selection, over or under. After this, the system generates the result and shows it to you. If you win you get a reward in Litecoin, but if you lose you lose your wager.

This game is provably fair, which means that you can recheck the results according to the information the casino operator gives you. Keep in mind that you need this information to check correctly and if a provider doesn’t give you a way to check your results you might be at risk for fraud.


The Dice game is a great past time, allowing you to gamble away with your favorite crypto currency. It is really engaging and websites featuring this entertainment, also have other community features, such as chatting or lottery. Playing the Dice game with Litecoin is really simple and the freedom one feels when they realize that they cannot be cheated on is truly liberating. Casinos have no other choice, but to be honest and respect your winnings at every step of the way.

We wish you great luck in your rolls.