Monero Dice GamesThis article takes a look at the Monero/Dice Game relationship and how it’s evolved over the course of recent years. It’s been a tough road for XMR, although it’s slowly but surely being accepted by the general crypto currency public. It is a very private and secure currency that makes it really difficult for anybody to track your transactions back to you, while still providing enough security to warrant trust by its users. With the increase of popularity, this coin has seen some acceptance by online cryptocurrency casinos and Dice Games have become readily available to gamble with XMR.

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The Currency

Introduced to the ecosystem in early 2014, Monero is a decentralized crypto currency that is open-sourced and highly focused on the prospect of privacy. This coin is mineable and has its own proof of work system. Beyond this the whole code is completely different than Bitcoin, making them highly incompatible. During the summer of 2016 Monero experiences a high growth in its market, due to the wide acceptance by Darknet marketplace Agora. This increased the value of Monero by $180 million USD in a matter of six months. Casinos looking to capitalize on this increase, have started to incorporate Monero as a deposit option.

The Game

How to Gamble with XMR?Playing the Dice game with Monero is usually not very different than playing with any other cryptocurrency. Except for the fact that nobody can figure out who you are by tracking your transactions, so your identity is pretty much safe. The game carries all of the features you’ve learned to love, provably fair technology, highly customizable winning conditions.

Generally through the use of random number generators, the casinos that provide this game generate either numbers or results based on hashes, taken from seeds from both the player and server. After putting them through their algorithm the software reaches a certain value which represents the value of a particular roll. You as a player have the option if you choose to recheck this result and determine the validity of the provider. That’s the technology that keeps casinos honest.

As customization goes, you get the choice to trade win chance for payout or vice versa, effectively allowing you to choose your style of play. Beyond this, a feature that keeps people playing is the automated betting feature that some casinos have. This feature allows you to program a series of bets through the use of parameters and instructions.


By combining Monero’s superior privacy options and the flexibility of the Dice Game you get a perfect solution for high rollers to hit the casinos and gamble away, hopefully, the luck on their side. Monero is great for the Dice game, because it brings about a lot of value to the table and it was about time casinos started giving respect to the value of XMR. The dice game is one of the most popular gaming products to come from the crypto currency community and it’s a really engaging to play it.

Good luck out there!