PrimeDice StrategyIf you are a fan of bitcoin dice, you’ve probably heard about the most popular website PrimeDice. Maybe you even got a free bonus and tried to get the impressive win. The bravest visitors brought their hard-earned coins in the hope of winning the jackpot.

Today you will learn several ways how to win on PrimeDice. Immediately turn your attention on the keyword “win”, that’s what we’ll do. If you are looking for a system, which can be used to regularly earn on similar websites, here you’ll be disappointed. There are no method stable earnings on PrimeDice. If it existed most likely this website already was closed.

So, we’ve established that you wouldn’t be using these systems on an ongoing basis. Sooner or later, each of following methods may fail, so the main thing is know when to stop. As they say ‘greed did him in’. So do not assume that you are smarter than the casino and will be able to cash in on it. Did you increase your balance several times? Make a withdrawal to your bitcoin wallet and be content with your honest winnings.

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How to Win on PrimeDice.comThere are many different algorithms and tips from “experienced” players. Some would-be entrepreneurs promise mountains of gold and endless pot of bitcoins. We will not build big illusions. Let’s consider the 2 most popular methods that can bring winnings on small distances.

Method of Martingale

This strategy implies a regular progression of rates, when with a defeat we increase each next bet is 2 times, while with a winning we go back to the initial bet. In PrimeDice you can set work of the system in an automatic mode. First, you need to have at least 40K Satoshi on your balance. With this money you can play safely about 2 hours after which we recommend you withdraw your winnings.

These are the settings that need to be made on the website PrimeDice:

How to win on PrimeDice

The payout set 2.200X, the bet is 1 Satoshi, and on loss increase bet by 100%.


Method of a critical strike

This PrimeDice strategy according to some sources is considered as win-win. It really may work a whole day or even 2 days, but sooner or later you will get a wave of several defeats, and the entire balance will be thrown. Therefore, we recommend you to use it no more than one day.

For the best start you need to have at least 1.2 million Satoshi on the balance. The point is simple: we put a high chance of winning and without any risks add a small amount to your balance at each round. But in case of defeat we are making a big bet in the hope that despite a high percentage we very rarely lose 2 times in a row.

Here is how to configure a robot for an automatically game on PrimeDice:

primedice strategy

The Payout 1.100 X, the bet is 100 Satoshi, with the defeat the next bet is on 900% more than the previous.

primedice botWhat’s a bot to play bitcoin dice? In fact this is the same rocket (the game machine), which offers PrimeDice. For what then these programs were invented and what is their advantage? The answer is simple – they have finer tuning depending on a particular event that occurred. Thus, bots allow apply more complex strategies, and also analyze a gaming session.

Don’t forget the main thing – it is impossible to regularly earn money on Primedice, even using the most modern and powerful application. So never get fooled by buying the bots for PrimeDice. In the final, you will not receive any principal advantages over this game.