Bitcoin Dice BonusesMany of us from the childhood remember and love the game of cubes. This is a very simple, easy to understand fun, although it has certain mathematical laws. But if in the childhood we played dices and not really understand the method of scoring, in the adulthood, the understanding comes that you can earn quite really in this game. With the advent of the Internet, of course there emerge websites where you can play the dice, including for the bitcoin.

The gambling for the cryptocurrency, by the way, is actively gaining popularity. The bitcoin has a whole lot of advantages. For example, it is completely anonymous. So if you win a jackpot, your identity will not be disclosed. Accordingly, hackers will not be able to hack your account, and you will not need to pay tax to the state your winnings will remain yours alone.

In order to play, you only need to have a bitcoin address it is a generated combination of numbers and letters. The address is generated in just a few seconds, so you can create a new address for every new transaction – this guarantees even more safety and anonymity.

The advantage of the Bitcoin is that it is very liquidity and it can be exchanged for any conventional currency around the clock. In addition, the rate of the electronic money sometimes can well jump up, and then you not only withdraw your winnings from a casino, but also earn on the rate.

However, in order to play the dice, you first need to do some investments at least that are what the players think. Therefore many people refuse the idea to while away the evening in an online casino – like it is so you need to exchange your regular money into bitcoins… what if I lose, will be sorry… , and the exchange has a fee, the conditions are different, it is difficult…

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Actually, in this case, nothing complicated. But there are options where you don’t even need to use your money to play the dice many casinos offer a whole variety of bonuses. They give out free money so you could acquire the taste, try different types of the online entertainment. Well, human psychology is such that if one is the gambling man, and has lost all free-coins, then one will start to recoup for one’s money.

However, let’s look at what free bonuses you can get in the Bitcoin dice game:

First, many casinos offer free bitcoins in order to ensure that you are comfortable on the website. If you see an inscription Faucet or Free Bitcoins, just press the button and some coins drop to your account. However, you usually need to register to get the bonus. By the way, many of the resources pay money simply for the registering in their system.

The amount is always different. Some portals charge about 200 Satoshi, and some become generous up to 500 or 1000 mBTC. Usually it all depends on the amount of the minimum bet in the game and your loyalty to the resource. For example, the more often you make bets on the portal, the more free coins you can get.

Also many casinos award bonuses on your first deposit. This is usually 50% of the deposited amount. However, here too, everything depends on the number of coins you put into the account – the more you put, the more money you will get for free.

Bitcoin casinos also use affiliate programs that pay you bitcoins if someone passed by your link and started to play.

And the last kind of the bitcoin dice bonus is the free coins which are issued with reference to any holiday date. For example, as a free gift for the Thanksgiving Day.

A fair question arises – is it possible just withdraw and cash out a free reward? Answer: yes, but not quite. The majority of game resources do not prohibit withdraw the bonuses, but assigns a certain limit below which money do not withdraw.