ROLLIN.IO STRATEGY StrategyThe virtual dice is a popular game, and its relevance only increases with each passing year. It ensures a constant emergence of newer gaming websites that accept bitcoins.

Rollin refers to such portals where players have more opportunities and options for betting. All this makes possible the use of winning strategies on the website

It is also worth noting that the maximum emphasis here is on high quality of the players’ service and effective satisfaction of all their needs.

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Rollin strategyThis service was launched in 2014, and to this day continues to evolve, improve the functionality to one day become the best gambling website that accepts BTC-currency. Also worth attention is the fact that Rollin without problems accepts players that are residing in the USA. Given the peculiar status of the gambling as such in the United States, the situation with this game really matters.

This website has some pretty nice structure, a minimalist design in dark colors with clear and simple menu, in which even an inexperienced player can find the needed option in a few clicks. What is interesting here is not necessarily at the first visit to register and create a profile, initially a user name is generated automatically, and you can start the game for BTC, but if you like it, then in future you can fill out a profile, changing the name and other data.

Like many other gambling websites, Rollin gives the first free deposit. If you liked portal, then it’s time to start playing for the real money. But the first thing you must understand is that you need to intelligently play dices – that is, on a certain strategy. Of course, you can just mindlessly bet and sometimes win. But in this case it is unlikely that you can raise your winnings to a minimum, which can be withdrawn from the gaming account, and likely you just lose all.


How to Win on RollinBefore you begin to study and try the strategy described below, you must understand that any existing method will never give a 100% guarantee of the winning, otherwise all casinos long ago would have gone bankrupt.

So you have to always be able stop. Have you increased your deposit in a certain amount of times? Then it is a time to withdraw it to your bitcoin wallet.

Two options are the most popular methods of winning in the bitcoin dice in the short term.

The strategy by the Martingale system

The basis of this technique is the classic progression betting, when at a loss, you need to raise your next bet twice to it cover the loss when you win. If you win, you have to return the amount to an initial size.

On Rollin you can automatically configure the game for this strategy. Better use of 1mBTC as an initial deposit with this capital you can safely play for an hour or two, and then withdraw earned money. martingale

The strategy of the “Critical hit”

Many players consider this method as a win-win. In some cases this is true, it can automatically bring you winnings every day, or maybe two. But once the lucky streak anyway ends, and there is a real risk of losing the entire deposit.

What is the trick: put a very big chance of the victory (greater than or equal to 90%), and in the absence of significant risk you add to it a small amount at every bet. If there is loss, to win back past failure you will have to increase the bet by 900 percent, but with a significant chance of winning as 2 consecutive losses do not happen so often.

Rollin critical hit