SatoshiDice Game StrategyIf you go to the portal blockchain and some time look over the updated list of transactions in the cryptocurrency, you’ll notice that a very large number of payments go to Satoshi Dice. It clearly shows how important the gambling in the bitcoin sphere.

SatoshiDice is a very simple gambling game, therefore it is so popular. All you need to do is transfer your bet to a specific bitcoin address. Each address corresponds to any number from 1 to 64,000. When the server gets a transaction, it executes the function random choice of a number. If the resulting number is less than selected by you, you win

You get the prize instantly, and if you lose – you get a consolation prize in the amount of 0.01 mBTC. Of course, each bet corresponds to a specific multiplier of winnings, which is proportional to the risk. The game itself “lives” at the expense of 2% of each incoming payment.

In order to customers can be assured in the integrity of the service, there is a counter of the winnings and bets on the main page of SatoshiDice. Not so long ago a bigger company bought out Satoshi Dice for very impressive money. It should be noted that Bitcoin gambling websites along with mining pools are the very major source of attracting new users to the network.

Thanks to this quality as the anonymity, the bitcoin perfectly “fits” as a method of the deposit on gaming portals. For example, with poker tournament you don’t “expose” your card number and do not pay taxes when you withdrawal. You don’t have to bypass the laws, which impose various restrictions for the gambling industry.

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How to Win in Satoshi DiceMany people believe that the gambling, especially simple ones such as the Bitcoin dice is just a fun, in which the luck plays a major role in getting the win. But this is not so. If you play for a profit and not just for a good time, you will need a clear plan. There are a lot of them below we present the winning strategy of the SatoshiDice game by our opinion:

  1. The bet must be done on the numbers that less than than 27357. In this case the coefficient is equal to x2.35, that is, if we win we get the following rate multiplied by a factor of 2.35. In this scenario, the chances of winning in each round are slightly less than 50%.
  2. The lost amount should be doubled until it wins. When “chip” wins, it will be returned to the initial value.
  3. The initial rate needs to be calculated on the basis of money that you are willing to spend. When you do this, you must have at least for fifteen rounds by doubling. Thus, if your starting bet is 10 Satoshi, then on your account must be at least 300000 Satoshi.
  4. The bet amount is proportional to the increase of the balance. Once your balance makes it possible to increase the initial bet, do it!

During the game you may think that the reserve of the balance on 15 double strokes is too much, and you can move to big bets. However, this is actually very false impression, and at any moment a whole series of losses can start. That is why you need to have a reserve.

Remember that any playing strategy is only a likely scenario that increases your chances to receive a profit, but it will not give you 100% guarantee of the victory. It is therefore you necessary to experiment with different techniques, to choose your own, and the experience and professionalism of a player is determined including the fact could you change the strategy on time and go the other way, not to remain a loser.