Bitcoin Dice with the Highest PayoutsGambling from its inception became very popular among the entire population of our planet. You can very rare find a person who was completely indifferent to these games, and it would be uninteresting for the opportunity to win some money for him.

Today, there are a lot of similar entertainments, but them became even more with the development of the Internet. Now gambling even more actively penetrates in our live. For example, today you can play a blackjack, roulette, poker or slot machines at any online casino.

Among all the entertainments the dices are especially popular, as the most simple, but exciting entertainment. Their essence lies in the fact that you need to guess what number will drop out on two bricks with numbers. (Quite often use the more variative numeric scale instead of dices). This uncomplicated game, despite its apparent simplicity, is based on mathematical calculations and it very attracts.

You can play dices online for free (just for fun), for real money (you can transfer funds into your account via any payment system) or for bitcoins. The latter option is becoming more popular by the day, and there are several reasons of it.

First, the Bitcoin is an anonymous payment system and the inner currency of the same name. Your working with this system is not controlled by any authority of any country. And this in turn means that your winnings always remain only yours: you don’t have to pay taxes, and most importantly – no one will know that you have become fabulously rich, for example, in the case of the jackpot.

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Fine, but don’t hurry to open the first available website with the dices, where you can play for bitcoins. You need to select the best resource. First, it needs to be checked, that is, there must be real reviews about this website in the Internet. If it is a casino – it has to be certified. In addition, the most important indicator (after reliability) is the percentage of payouts that is theoretically how much money a gaming portal will return to you.

For most gambling websites it is at the level of 95-99%. Naturally, the higher this indicator then it is profitable to play this game. However, please note that a high percentage of payouts in the bitcoin dices can not guarantee a win for you. This is only the average amount of the cryptocurrency, which casino returns to players as the prize money for a while.

For example, there is some website which promises to the payout of 95%. This means that with every 100 Satoshi of your bet you get back 95 Satoshi as the winnings. However, this is at the same time it does not mean that you will receive this amount immediately: the percentage is calculated by statistical method for a long period of time. It also does not mean that you will not be able to get more than 95%. Remember, an average is taken: someone lucky less, someone more.

Reliable resources where you can play the bitcoin dice from time to time undergo audits of special companies and calculate the payout percentage for each type of the entertainment. If this figure is sufficient of this website, the casino will certainly display it in the public domain as a proof of its honesty.